New-BLOGSession -BlogName "Vulgarity"

So it begins, a new chapter of my online life. As you cruise around the web you'll find many articles about how easy starting a blog is. While those sources aren't wrong your not prepared for the shear amount of free and paid options that are being carted out for you to peruse. Even a complete novice can fire up their browser enter a quick search and get something out of it. Whether they will be happy with it is a completely different story though.

So why did I decide to start a blog. Mostly to talk about new technologies I have the pleasure of working with. Although there will be a fair share of user stories as well. I hope that in some way the words in which I publish will be able to soothe a stressed out student and professional alike. So I decided to boot up my nearest Linux VM and do the dirty work of installing Ghost. It should be said that the installation process for self-hosting Ghost is extremely simple if you comfortable with working in a terminal and have a slight bit of time on your hands.

You can expect some insight of my journal through learning code. I'm really a fucking idiot when it comes to any language so it should be interesting. I'll enthrall the reader (that's you) with the time honored stories involving the classic 1D01T & PICNIC errors. As well as just what it's like working on the many projects I'm happy to be proud of whilst grinding away at work. I truly hope you can find something to love within this blog and feel free to share your own stories as well. I'll be glad to hear them once I get an inbox setup for this thing.

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